Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hello all, Ok I am going to pose a question. How to sell a home in a down market? Now granted this is an isolated incident but, one I feel I will repeat often. I just had a nice little townhome listed. After speaking with the owner we agreed he did not want to sit on it. After pulling the comps we came up with a price that was 3% below market value. Then we added some incentives of some closing costs and a home warranty. Now we are sitting back and watching the excitement. Face it folks we know it is a buyers market right now. So we know there are buyers out there. We have had six different buyers come through. We have two more appointments on the books and one offer already on the table. I have been told there are more coming. So let's look at the results of The Price is Right. Of course one thing is nice I used a professional photographer for the the pic's. The result were excellent shots with a wide angle lens and yes the rooms looked larger, but in the case of one buyer they commented on the size of pictures in relation to the actual rooms. Guess what they are also considering putting in an offer also. So it worked we got them in the door.

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